New Click and Send flat rate products: a smarter way to pay for parcels

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New Click and Send flat rate products: a smarter way to pay for parcelsGood cashflow is the lifeblood of a flourishing business. Australia Post Click and Send flat rate products ensure you know your delivery costs up front, but only pay when you use the service. Managing your cashflow can give you a significant business advantage.

How Click and Send flat rate postage helps improve cashflow

Click and Send flat rate products use a combination of flat rate packaging and postage for delivery anywhere within Australia. As a business owner, you’ll know exactly what an order will cost to deliver to a customer, meaning that you can build the cost into the price of an item or let customers know up front what the postage will be.

Did you know?

If you send 250 parcels or more per year with Click and Send or the Parcel Send app and you have a valid ABN/ACN, you can apply to become a Business 250 member and enjoy up to 10 per cent off domestic flat rate postage charges, Express Courier International and Pack and Track International on Click and Send!* Register for Business 250 membership today. If you’re an existing Click and Send user, simply log in and follow the prompts.

You can stock up on the flat rate satchels or boxes from Australia Post’s online shop, ready to pack orders. However, you don’t pay the flat rate postage until you actually accept an order and lodge a parcel. This is great for cashflow – ensuring that money is coming in or has been received from your customer when you send out a parcel.

Furthermore, Click and Send gives you the flexibility to pay online using credit card (via SecurePay) or PayPal, or with your Australia Post Business Credit Account.

How Click and Send saves you time

A big benefit of Click and Send for businesses is that it allows you
to manage your orders online 24/7 (with internet connection), from a computer or your mobile device. You’re able to import customer
details from your own business database or link to your eBay account (domestic parcels only). You can prepare the documentation, select your preferred parcel product (domestic Courier Post^^, Express Post^^^ or Parcel Post, or a range of international parcel postage options), make your payment online and print postage labels.

You can receive and send email tracking notifications and proof of shipment at no extra cost.

You can also choose from a range of lodgement and delivery options. These include requesting a pick-up depending on your location**, taking your parcels to an Australia Post retail outlet, or posting them in a street posting box#. You can also select optional services such as Signature on Delivery and Extra Cover.

Getting started: How Click and Send flat rate postage works

  1. Purchase packaging ahead of time. Purchase flat rate packaging ahead of time at Satchels and boxes are available in multiple sizes.
  2. Pay as you go. When you need to send a parcel, you pay the flat rate postage. Visit Click and Send or use the Parcel Send app, enter or upload delivery address details, choose the postage speed and print the label. Choose to pay on credit card (via SecurePay) or PayPal or your Australia Post business credit account.
  3. Send your way. Arrange a parcel pick-up** online for select locations, lodge your parcel in-store or drop it into a street posting box#.

How the Parcel Send app works

The Parcel Send app is being adopted by many busy business owners, as you can pay for postage and order a pick-up from your mobile 24/7 (with internet connection).

  • Access domestic and international parcel postage solutions.
  • Track your parcels on their journey.
  • Save your frequently used parcel sizes so you don’t have to enter the dimensions every time^.
  • Arrange parcel pick-ups** in selected locations.

Useful tools and resources

  • Click and Send is an easy way to manage deliveries online. You can even link your eBay account and import your address data.
  • Australia Post’s Parcel Send app is free. It enables you to manage deliveries, pay for postage and even order a pick-up from your mobile for select locations**. Download the Android app or download the iPhone app to try it out today.

* Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply. The requirement to lodge 250 or more parcels per year includes all postage products purchased through Click and Send and the Parcel Send app. Express Courier International, Pack and Track International and Extra Cover discounts are only available when paying by credit card or PayPal and paid online.

** If the service is available in your location. Additional charges apply for pick-up services.

^ Only available to registered Parcel Send users.

^^ Delivery is same business day only within metro areas of the same state within the Courier Post network and when it is lodged at an Australia Post retail outlet or arranged through Click and Send before 2pm.

^^^ The national next business day delivery network operates between all capital cities (except Darwin and in Perth CBD only) and some major centres.

# Lodge your parcel in a street posting box for domestic delivery only.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and the interviewees, and not of Australia Post.

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