Are you using the right channels to reach your customers?

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Are you using the right channels to reach your customers?Recently, Australia Post asked more than 9,000 Australians about their attitudes to advertising and how they’d like businesses to communicate with them. Here are some of the key findings you can implement in your own marketing plan.

Key finding 1: Australians are positive towards advertising

Six out of 10 Australians reported they are generally receptive to advertising messages. Those most positive towards advertising tend to be younger, women with families, living in metropolitan areas and bringing in higher household incomes.

Key finding 2: So-called “traditional” channels are still considered the most effective ones

The research study asked people to consider how effective they considered 10 different advertising channels: radio, TV, online display advertising, advertising on social media, direct mail, outdoor advertising, catalogues and flyers, email marketing, telemarketing and press advertising.

The top five most effective channels reported were:

  • Catalogues and flyers
  • TV advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Press advertising
  • Direct mail.

The first digital channel – email marketing – only appears at number six in the average population’s rankings, and the findings were remarkably consistent across all ages and demographics.

While TV advertising may be outside the budget of many small and medium businesses, four of these five top channels could be affordable options to include in your marketing plans.

Did you know?

Australia Post can produce and deliver print, email and SMS campaign communications. You can also send your messages to just one suburb or any combination of postcode areas.

Key finding 3: People seek out a mix of channels when making a purchase decision

The research study also asked people to consider which channels
they sought out when considering a purchase: radio, TV, websites, advertising on social media, direct mail, outdoor advertising, catalogues and flyers, online display advertising, email, telemarketing and press advertising.

The top five most-consulted channels reported were:

  • Websites
  • TV advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Catalogues and flyers.

This result highlights just how important it is for your business to have a great website as an online shopfront, information resource and online retail option, if appropriate for your products or services.

Direct mail and email marketing are particularly favoured by existing customers or members of a rewards program, perhaps because these channels allow you to personalise the messages. If you have a customer database, don’t miss the opportunity to contact your existing customers with offers, news and tips that are relevant to your products and services.

Interestingly, catalogues and flyers were especially important for fashion and supermarket purchase decisions. If you’re not doing so already, why not offer customers a flyer with next week’s specials, or include a catalogue of the season’s looks and how to wear them?

Tools and resources

You can download a PDF of the full research report for free.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and the interviewees, and not of Australia Post.

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