Can Australia Post Parcel Lockers help you convert more sales?

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Can Australia Post Parcel Lockers help you convert more sales?Does your business sell bulky items that rarely fit in a letterbox? Are your key customers unlikely to be home to accept delivery? Have existing customers contacted you because they’ve been carded? Suggesting Australia Post Parcel Locker registration may be a solution.

Part of the allure of online shopping is the convenience it offers – just a few clicks of a button and the item your customer desires arrives at their doorstep. But for shoppers who are unlikely to be home during the day, who can’t get to their nearest post office during business hours or who are ordering surprise gifts, receiving their online purchases isn’t always so straightforward.

If your store sells products that are often unable to be simply left in letterboxes when your shopper isn’t there to receive them, you may have received customer feedback about this problem. With many companies now starting to ban employees from getting their personal packages delivered to work, and other packages being too large, bulky or fragile to leave, Parcel Lockers offer a solution for both customers and businesses.

Did you know?

There are up to 150 Australia Post Parcel Locker locations across the country, and registration is free.

Why use a parcel locker?

Online shopping in Australia continues to grow. According to
Australia Post’s 2013 Annual Report, domestic parcel volumes have increased by 9.3 per cent year on year and the volume is expected to continue to rise.

Parcel Lockers make it easy for customers to pick up their packages when and where it suits them.

  • They are free to use.
  • They’re accessible 24/7.
  • They’re available at up to 150 locations across the country.

Parcel Lockers are a convenient solution that helps make sure customers continue to enjoy the choice, flexibility and ease that online retail offers – and helps you to drive more sales from your online store.

As an Australian business using Australia Post as your fulfilment supplier, you have a unique opportunity to offer your customers the option to use a Parcel Locker – a selling point for customers demanding more delivery choices.

Letting your shoppers know about Parcel Lockers is a great way to remove concerns they might have about not being home to collect their items, helping to dissolve barriers to making an order. By making sure your customers know about their delivery options, you can help bring back the ease of online shopping, turning more browsers into happy customers. Best of all, there’s no cost to your business to deliver to a Parcel Locker, and registration is free for your customers.

How it works

Getting set up with a Parcel Locker account is a simple three-step process for customers.

  1. Shoppers sign up online for an Australia Post account and receive a unique customer number. The customer selects the Parcel Locker location most convenient for them. Australia Post sends the customer the address but if they forget it, they can just log in to their account to see it.
  2. They use this as their delivery address when placing an order.
  3. When their parcel arrives, Australia Post sends them an SMS and email with an access code, so they can simply stop by their chosen location when it suits them, enter their access code and open the locker containing their parcel. Customers must collect their parcel within 48 hours using the one-off access code listed with their notification and either the last five digits of their customer number or the mobile number that the parcel notification was sent to.

Australia Post Parcel Lockers can be used for a range of parcels sent with Australia Post and StarTrack. Fees and charges will be charged to certain other carriers to lodge parcels under the Parcel Locker service.

Please note that standard mail, Express Post letters, parcels heavier than 16kg and parcels containing perishables or alcohol cannot be sent to Parcel Lockers. Please visit for further information.

Unlike post boxes, the actual lockers are allocated on a random basis for each individual order, opened with a unique access code each time, so it’s the perfect solution for everyone – whether they need it for a one-off occasion or for regular deliveries.

Delivering the message

Here are a few ways you could let your customers know about Parcel Lockers:

  • Include details on your shipping and delivery information page.
  • Post a news item on your blog.
  • Send out a note to your mailing list or mention it in your email newsletter.
  • Add information to your FAQ page.
  • Place a reminder at the shopping cart review or checkout stage.

Parcel Lockers help you make the online shopping experience as simple and stress-free as possible. Spread the word about this flexible, secure delivery option to your customers and enjoy the benefits of happy shoppers.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and the interviewees, and not of Australia Post.

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