Top tips for email marketing

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Top tips for email marketing Email marketing can be an effective and cost-efficient
way of reaching new and
existing customers. How is
it best approached?

Marketing by email seems a simple enough process and with a proper structure in place, it can be. But with so many well-intentioned email campaigns being discarded as unwanted spam by recipients, it’s obvious that relatively few businesses are getting it right.

Mark Edwards, CEO of digital marketing company Insermo, says a marketing manager should start by making sure the content is engaging for its specific audience.

“The first step is to understand who your audience is and what they like,” he says. “Collect profile information from your list members at every opportunity and use other available offline data, such as transaction history,
as well.”

The more you know about your market and the more you know about exactly what they want, the better you are to serve that need, says Edwards. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the market also offers the opportunity to identify new niche areas and future product or service developments. This is a key to business success.

“Email campaign statistics can be combined with this data to build strong recipient profiles,” he says. “Once
you understand your audience, segment your list and add personalised content to increase relevance for
the recipient.”

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards, CEO of Insermo.

Measure your email marketing success

If marketing campaigns are to constantly improve in terms of outcomes then accurate measurement of success rates is essential. How, then, is an email marketing campaign measured?

“Measurability is one of the great advantages of email marketing,” says Edwards. “The metrics used to measure email campaign success should be linked to the business objectives of each campaign.

“These include traditional email metrics, such as ‘opens’ and ‘click throughs’, and tracking recipient activity through your website by integrating with your website analytics solution. Where possible, also use offline metrics, such as in-store email voucher redemptions.”

What is the best timing for marketing emails?

The million-dollar question, of course, is how often should you send email marketing campaigns? Too often and it immediately becomes annoying and is therefore likely to be added to the automatic Junk Mail list. Not often enough and customers could move on to other businesses and brands.

There is no single, correct answer to this question, says Edwards. While timing is vital, even down to the actual time of day, it’s one of those things that each business will need to constantly measure and experiment with in order to find the perfect solution.

“Timing will depend upon your campaign objectives and the characteristics of your list,” he says. “A list consisting of predominantly business email addresses will usually work best if sent mid-morning on a business day, in contrast with consumer lists that traditionally have greater impact later in the afternoon. There are no hard rules  – experiment to see what works best for your audience.”

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