Standing out online

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Standing Out Online

SUPRÉ recreates its youth-oriented shopfronts online.


With its innovative retail environment, SUPRÉ has captured the youth market. Now they’re doing the same online with a unique, persona-based concept.

Stepping inside a SUPRÉ store is akin to walking into a nightclub. The Australian and New Zealand market leader in teen female fashion has changed the concept of a clothing store and, with it, the face of shopping.

With 170 Australasian stores (145 in Australia and 25 in New Zealand) catering for 12 to 25 year olds, SUPRÉ has not just tapped into the youth market, it has truly connected with it.

“Over the years, we have used our retail space as an advertising platform for our products; however, at the moment our marketing is all based around social media, particularly Facebook and online,” explains SUPRÉ’s international brand manager Catherine Taouk.

“Facebook is used as a research platform and an engagement tool to communicate with our consumers on a daily basis. The website’s main purpose is e-commerce.”

Innovation attracts customers
Previously, the SUPRÉ site had enjoyed good traffic figures but the conversion rate to sales was comparatively low. With a new e-commerce site offering a unique persona-based shopping concept, high-quality photography and catwalk videos, that rate has quadrupled.

Justus Wilde, managing director of digital agency Amblique and the brains behind the SUPRÉ website, explains that the typical SUPRÉ customer wants to be “individual and different”. Tapping into the customers’ desire for distinction, Amblique built a model that would cater to consumer needs.

“We created three personalities – Tomboy, Femme Fatale and Rocker – and three versions of the site which have a completely different look and feel,” says Wilde.

The site’s background, music, promotional offers and products vary according to which fashion profile a customer selects. Customers will still have access to the 600-odd styles of clothing, adds Wilde, but the emphasis is on getting the customer to the relevant product more quickly.

As well as presenting products rapidly and readily, emphasis is placed on bringing the product closer to the consumer. Select pieces of clothing are accompanied by a 10-second video. This, along with magazine-like photography, makes the product as appealing as possible and keeps customers online for longer, which has its own effect on converting traffic to sales.

Expand and export
With a strong online presence in the US, UK, Singapore and Malaysia, SUPRÉ has reached its international market without a single retail store outside Australasia.

“A lot of people who are shopping online in Singapore – where we have a huge trade – don’t know what a SUPRÉ shop looks like,” explains Taouk. “By creating this online environment, we’re providing that retail experience through music, personalities and the ability to look at the fabrics [through colour swatches, fabric guides and fabric information].”

The online store serves as a fashion hub and youth forum and offers a reward points system for online customers, a newsletter, entertainment, job opportunities, competitions, promotions, a wish-list function and a link to the SUPRÉ Facebook page. And with a 365,000-plus fan base, SUPRÉ’s Facebook page is arguably one of Australia’s largest and most active online fashion communities.

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